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Free inline skate & pads hire

No inline skates? No problem!
We are delighted to provide FREE INLINE SKATE & SAFETY PAD HIRE for all our customers.
We will ask if you need them at time of  booking and we bring you best quality, brand new, K2 inline skates and safety equipment.


Private skating lessons

Private inline skating lessons in London. Hyde Park.

Our private inline skating lesson options?

We have strong demand and very limited availability for private lessons  especially at weekends and we recommend you consider our Sunday morning ‘Crash Courses’ to get you rolling as quickly as possible. ‘Crash Courses’ are longer, brilliant value and the most fun.

If you would like a private lesson please call us on 07917 400 200 and we can get you booked up as quickly as we can.

Go-stop-turn lesson. Ideal for the absolute beginner skater and our most popular inline skating lesson. £50 for an hour and a half. The best value to teach you all the basics of stride, heel braking and turning round on your inline skates.

Private groups, parties and hen events. We will tailor a lesson to your needs offering group discounts and free inline skate hire.


Your private skating lesson questions and our Terms & Conditions.

How do I book my private inline skating lessons?

Phone us on: 07917 400 200 or email

What do I need to bring to my inline skating lessons?

Skates, obviously! We teach on inline skates which have four wheels in a row and a heel-brake. We do not teach on Rollerskates or quadskates which have four wheels at the corners and a toe stopper.

Here’s some good advice for buying inline skates. We can provide free skate and pad hire if you don’t have your own skates.

Protective padding: Wrist-guards, knee-pads are mandatory. Helmet and elbows recommended. These will come with hired inline skates so don’t worry.

A bottle of water. London is always hot and sunny so hydration is important.

Where do we meet?

We are based in London and teach inline skating on: Serpentine Road (Nearest tube Hyde Park Corner) Kensington Gardens (Nearest tube Kensington High St) Albert Memorial (Nearest tube Gloucester Road) All these venues are in Hyde Park.

What if it looks like rain?

We will ask for a mobile number when you book your inline skating lesson and will call at least an hour before to confirm. Lessons will generally go ahead unless it it wet on the ground.

How many inline skating lessons will I need?

On average it takes about and hour and a half of instruction to get to grips with moving forward with a bit of speed, stopping tentatively and turning corners slowly. That is enough for some people. On average after two or three lessons you will have a good level of ability, a dramatic rise is confidence and your speed and technique will have really improved.  The most important thing to remember is that skating is fun, it is not a work deadline!

Do I need to practice between my inline skating lessons?

YES YES YES!!! That way you can say to your instructor, ” Been there, done that! now teach me something else.”

Will I fall?

The first thing you do with a SkatesCool instructor when you are an absolute beginner inline skater is fall over on the grass. It lets you know that falling is okay and that the pads work! As you get better you will fall less frequently.

N.B. Please be at least 15 minutes early for your inline skating lesson so you can get your skates and pads on before your instructor rolls up to teach you. We will have another skating lesson booked after yours and need to be on time.  Please try to phone us if you are unavoidably detained and we can make a plan B.


Inline skating lessons are what we do and what we do well!

Here are five reasons why inline skating lessons are a great idea:

1. Private inline skating lessons are the fastest way for you to learn.
We are trained to teach in a structured way to maximize your own learning curve.

2. Private inline skating lessons are the safest way for you to learn.
Putting wheels under your feet is a ridiculous idea! We will teach you to tame those wheels and get you stopping.

3. Private inline skating lessons will build up your confidence.
Leave that fear behind and release the lion in you!

4. Private inline skating lessons are fun.
If you’re not smiling at the end of a lesson you can have your money back.

5. Private inline skating lessons will make you more attractive.
It’s a fact that skating builds muscles, reduces wrinkles and cures spots.