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Free inline skate & pads hire

No inline skates? No problem!
We are delighted to provide FREE INLINE SKATE & SAFETY PAD HIRE for all our customers.
We will ask if you need them at time of  booking and we bring you best quality, brand new, K2 inline skates and safety equipment.


Inline skating articles

How do you look cool on your inline skates? Naomi knows! How do you carry your Rollerblades? Check out our skate-bag round-up. Are you just too old to skate? Ask Alan. Embarrassing skating problem? Visit the Surgery. This bit has all that inline skate related paraphernalia you really ought to know.

Inline skating tips and tricks

This is the missing manual that should have come in the box with your skates. It describes all the useful stuff you need to know to be an inline-skate geek.


Top tip: inline skate frames make excellent beer-bottle openers!

Wheel edges on inline skates
How to stop on inline skates using your heel-brake
How to T-stop on inline skates
Which are the best inline skates to buy?
How you make sure your new inline skates will fit well
S.L.A.P. Inline skating safety
How to fall over on inline skates
Am I too old to skate?
Dehydration and skating
Lack of energy?
How to look cool when you are skating
Inline skate bags round-up
Skating problem? Visit the Surgery!
Victorian Skating

London on skates

The inline skating scene in London.

Have you noticed that when you are skating up and down the Serpentine Road that there are other skaters too? Who are they? They seem like a friendly bunch all talking to each other and practicing moves together. But what do they all do on their skates? How did they all get so good?


London has a large and ever growing skating community whose hub is based along the Serpentine Road in Hyde Park. That however is not where it ends! You have a whole host of options to stretch your skating skills, meet new like-minded friends and just hang out over a beer and talk about skates.

Click on the links in this section to discover how to make the most out of London’s vibrant skate scene. Find out which parks have the smoothest concrete and get excited about going on your first street skate.

We all skate, We’re
Out late, We

Wear hoods, We
Drink buds, We

Do cones, We
Break bones, We

Must skate, We
Can’t wait.

Street-skating in London
Inline skating in Hyde Park
In-line skating in Clissold Park
The “LondonSkate” Wednesday night street-skate
The “Sunday Stroll” street-skate
LFNS Friday night street-skate
Week on Wheels
Skate Magazine UK
London Rollergirls Roller-derby
Serpentine Road.com skating forum
Intro to freestyle course
Speed skating
Freestyle slalom skating
“Oi mate, you’re rubbish!”

The world on in-line skates

See the world on skates.

Hey, did you know the world’s quite big outside?
Did you know that other skaters live there too?
Did you even know that it’s possible to go and see the rest of the world on a big boat and if you take your skates you can meet all the other skating people and see the things that they see when they are skating?

Cool huh? What will they think of next?

In this section you can read articles and see all the nice pictures from all the skaters from across the seas. We hope they will inspire you to experience towns and cities on your skates. What better way to discover the landmarks and people of the world with skates on your feet, a backpack on your back a map in your hand and a big smile on your face? Oh look is that the Eiffel Tower all lit up on your left, oh wait look, there’s the Sagrada Familia and wait I think that’s the Chrysler building over there. Better stop at the next eetcafe for a glass of Heineken and get our bearings.

Have you traveled with your skates and want to tell of your adventures? Perhaps you live somewhere really cool and think us Londoners should really know all about you and your home-town. Please write for us. We want to hear more about the big world yonder.


Inline skating in Paris
Inline skating in Groningen
Inline skating in Mumbai
Inline skating in Shanghai
Inline skating in Sydney
Inline skating in Buenos Aires
Inline skating in Dubai