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Free inline skate & pads hire

No inline skates? No problem!
We are delighted to provide FREE INLINE SKATE & SAFETY PAD HIRE for all our customers.
We will ask if you need them at time of  booking and we bring you best quality, brand new, K2 inline skates and safety equipment.


Crash Course. Our beginner inline skating lesson. London.

Our Beginner’s ‘Crash’ Course inline skating lesson is just what you need to get you rolling. We start gently on the grass by falling over. We talk about theory and learn a few inline skating essentials before we move onto the concrete. Then the fun really starts! Your confidence will rise as quickly as your skills. Emphasis is on learning at your own pace.


Your Crash Course questions.

Is a Crash Course suitable for me?
If you are a complete beginner or a beginner who can’t stop too well or feels a bit wobbly the course is targeted for you.

Can’t I just teach myself?
Yes you can but you’re likely to learn the wrong way. You will stake my wobbling or lurching from side to side. We will teach you the correct technique which involves a greater use of balance. Once you have that you can do so much more.

What will you teach me?
Skating forward: This bit is obvious. We do insist on a lovely technique though.
Stopping using your heel brake: We’ll get you leaving a line of flames where the brake scrapes the tarmac. No gold star until you can stop down hills and in a perfect straight line though.
Practice Skills: Lemons & half lemons. Toe-rolls. Scoots. Don’t panic! These are just silly names for some very useful exercises that will dramatically improve your balance and technique required for confident inline skating.
Backwards skating: Oh yes, it’s really easy and at this stage it’s nice and slow.

I’m scared of being the only one who struggles. Won’t everyone else be teenagers? I’m way too old!
Don’t be worried. Most people will be just like you and equally petrified. You probably won’t struggle and it’s okay if you do. If needs be you can do half. Go away and practice a bit then come back and finish off another week of your choosing. We teach in a relaxed, fun way and you will learn at a pace comfortable to you.

Where do we meet? At the Hyde Park Corner end of Serpentine Road. (Nearest tube Hyde Park Corner) We send you a map in your booking conformation.

What do I need to bring to my inline skating ‘Crash’ Course? Good quality inline skates. Protective padding for knees and wrists. A bottle of water and a sense of humour. We provide K2 inline skates and protective pads for free too.

What if it looks like rain?
Courses will generally go ahead unless it it wet on the ground. If we need to cancel because of rain we will re-book you onto a future ‘Crash’ Course of your choosing. We will always phone you on the number you provide at least 2 hours in advance if we have to postpone because of rain. Please be patient with us. We watch three forecasts and try to be as accurate as we can.

Why do we start so early on a Sunday morning? Most sane people are still asleep.
We start at 9.00 to have a nice clear park to ourselves. We don’t like too many tourists getting in our way.

Will I fall?
Perhaps, yes! The first thing you do with a SkatesCool instructor when you are an absolute beginner inline skater is fall over on the grass. It lets you know that falling is okay and that the pads work! As you progress you will fall less frequently.

Can my children come?
Of course! Crash Courses are family courses designed for anyone between eight and eighty. Young children need to be accompanied by a trusted adult.

A place on a Sunday beginner’s Crash Course can be booked here.


March 14 Crash Coursers having just completed!

Here are five reasons why inline skating lessons are a great idea:

1. Beginner Inline skating lessons are the fastest way for you to learn.
We are trained to teach in a structured way to maximize your own learning curve.

2. Beginner Inline skating lessons are the safest way for you to learn.
Putting wheels under your feet is a ridiculous idea! We will teach you to tame those wheels and get you stopping.

3. Beginner Inline skating lessons will build up your confidence.
Leave that fear behind and release the lion in you!

4. Beginner Inline skating lessons are fun.
If you’re not smiling at the end of a lesson you can have your money back.

5. Beginner Inline skating lessons will make you more attractive.
It’s a fact that skating builds muscles, reduces wrinkles and cures spots.